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Based on the impressions of exclusive professional riders, we thoroughly analyzed the rider's movements and adopted the optimal cut pattern after repeated tests. An ideal wetsuit that effectively uses highly stretchable material. UNLIMITED You should be able to experience the highest quality and high potential. The cut on the side makes the body shape look neat and has excellent design.


Aiming for higher performance, under the supervision of UNLIMITED's exclusive professional riders, the design is focused on the specifications that maximize the "power", "speed" and "stability" of the PWC. The ultimate wear that allows riders to embody the smartness of the times.

・Shoulder Velcro
Long John Velcro on the left shoulder allows for smooth putting on and taking off.
・Stabilize pad
 Knee pads help improve grip when riding.
・Flex neoprene
A new material that has evolved further from conventional fabrics. It feels good on the skin and achieves more elasticity and weight reduction.
・Ankle zipper
With a zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off, the slider can be protected with Velcro tape.

-Separately sold setup product-
・EXPEDITION COAT-marine coat-
  Black only (Item number UWC2240BK)
・RUSH WET JACKET-wet jacket-
  Black only (Item number UWA2230BK)
・RUSH WET PANTS -wet pants-
  Two colors, black and red (Item number UWP2220)

Can be worn in combination with the above products.

-adaptive size chart-

A.Total Length/B.Inseam/C.Chest Width/D.Waist Width/E.Hip Width/F.Shoulder Width/G.Arm Circumference/H.Ankle Width
*All measurements taken flat in cm
 S : A.132 /B.67 /C.38.5 /D.33 /E.41 /F.34 /G.18.5 /H.10
 M : A.136 /B.69 /C.40.5 /D.35 /E.43 /F.35.5 /G.19.5 /H.10.5
 MW : A.136 /B.69 /C.42.5 /D.37 /E.45 /F.35.5 /G.20.5 /H.11
 L : A.140 /B.71 /C.42.5 /D.37 /E.45 /F.37 /G.20.5 /H.11
 LW : A.140 /B.71 /C.44.5 /D.39 /E.47 /F.37 /G.21.5 /H.11
 XL : A.143 /B.73 /C.44.5 /D.39 /E.47 /F.38.5 /G.21.5 /H.11.5

(There is an adaptive stretch width of each size + 5cm)

سيتم احتساب رسوم الشحن تلقائيًا عند السداد.

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