Throttle Lever TYPE 2
Throttle Lever TYPE 2
Throttle Lever TYPE 2


Throttle Lever TYPE 2

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・The shape of the tip enables fine throttle work.

Lever Rail

Uses an aluminum smart block that smartly returns the lever to the idle state.

Lever Pivot

SUS304 is used for the pin that joins the lever to the main body to prevent interference between the lever and the main body. Four high-grade silicon resin washers are used to achieve a smooth and quick return.

High quality

Manufactured from machined aluminum, its 78° design makes it easy to get caught on your index finger and difficult to pull out. It fits snugly on your finger.

-The beautiful surface treatment by anodizing also functions as a dress-up part. The lever has 2 mounting positions for the throttle wire drum, so you can choose the weight of the throttle lever to your liking. TYPEⅡ is an "angle type" in which the lever is tilted 4° downward.

● UNLIMITED handle mount switch (UL015) can also be installed

*A throttle adapter (UL002) is required separately for installation.


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