【Pre Order】X-LIGHT GLOVES 4.0
【Pre Order】X-LIGHT GLOVES 4.0
【Pre Order】X-LIGHT GLOVES 4.0


【Pre Order】X-LIGHT GLOVES 4.0

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■Popular light glove that supports riding
■ Smartphones and tablets can be operated while the thumb and index finger are worn.
■As we equip wrist with Velcro tape (magic tape), it is specification that it is easy to put on and is hard to come off.
■Reinforcement panels are installed on the inner part of the thumb and forefinger joints that tend to rub when holding the handle.
■We equip index finger and middle finger with non-slip grip to support operability of throttle lever.
■The print on the palm also serves as a grip.
■Stretchable material, light wearing comfort, and good breathability are its characteristics. A very small hole in the palm part enhances breathability.
■We minimize accessories of conventional model and keep light reckoning feeling in the midsummer.

*Even if it feels tight at first, don't worry, it will become familiar with your hands as you use it.


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