Neo Flex Leggings
Neo Flex Leggings
Neo Flex Leggings
Neo Flex Leggings


Neo Flex Leggings

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Keep your body warm with 1.5mm flex neoprene! it has excellent elasticity!

The thin wetsuit fabric has just the right amount of stretch to reduce muscle fatigue.

It is comfortable to wear with a wide variety of sizes that are linked to wetsuits, with an emphasis on fit.

Can be worn as underwear for a wetsuit or as an outer layer.
Can also be used as an inner layer for board shorts.

■ Adaptive height and waist size
     S: 160-165cm, 70-75 cm  
    M: 165-170cm, 73-78cm
 MW: 165-170cm, 78-83 cm
   L: 170-175cm, 78-83 cm
  LW: 170-175cm, 80-85 cm
   XL: 175-180cm, 80-85 cm
XLW: 175-180cm, 85-90 cm


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