Aqua Flex Boots
Aqua Flex Boots
Aqua Flex Boots
Aqua Flex Boots


Aqua Flex Boots

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A lightweight beach shoe that can be used for all purposes.
The upper is made of breathable air neoprene material that feels soft to wear, and the sole is a rubber sole that is flexible and has excellent grip for a recreational ride.

The combination of hard rubber and soft rubber improves not only comfort but also durability. The rubber that covers the heel and the point strap take care of the stress of putting on and taking off.
Of course, you can improve the fit by adjusting the drawcord at the ankle.
This will prevent your shoes from coming off and prevent sand from getting in.
You can also swim with minimal discomfort from sand and pebbles.

■Applicable size
XS: 23-24cm, 6.5-7 inch
S: 24-25cm, 7.5-8 inch
M: 25-26cm, 8-8.5 inch
L: 26-27cm, 9-9.5 inch
XL: 27-28cm, 9.5-10 inch 
XXL: 28-29cm, 10.5-11 inch


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