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A life jacket made of soft and comfortable wetsuit fabric is now on sale from the UNLIMITED brand!
It is a high-spec model with the UNLIMITED logo on a luxurious neoprene fabric.
The front zipper and support buckle make it extremely comfortable to wear.

[About the UNLIMITED RUSH series]
While working with professional riders, we are particular about the specifications and specifications of the wear that maximizes the "power", "speed" and "stability" of PWC, and pursue higher performance. We aim to create wear designs that allow riders to embody not only the specs, but also the smartness of the design in line with the times.

■ Neoprene material
■ US Coast Guard certified product
■JCI Preliminary Inspection Successful Track Record Type
■ Life-saving whistle equipment

1. The zipper stopper prevents the zipper from falling even when it falls into the water.
2. Buckles and full zippers make the vest fit tightly to your body.
3. Uses water-repellent jersey fabric for a smooth and comfortable feel.
4. Drainage mesh at the hem quickly drains water inside to keep you comfortable.
5. Comes with a D-ring for mounting PWC kill switch and other uses
6. Comes with a lifesaving whistle to alert you to your presence in an emergency
7. Reduce the burden with a pad that supports your lower back.

The same material as a wetsuit (neoprene), so it is comfortable to wear on the skin.
Neoprene is more durable and weather resistant than natural rubber.
Neoprene was developed specifically for wetsuits, taking advantage of the durability and weather resistance that are the characteristics of neoprene.It is a material with excellent elasticity, buoyancy, strength, and heat retention.
It combines important functions for enjoying water sports.
It can be used for a wide range of marine sports such as wakeboarding, SUP, flyboarding, and snorkeling.

Unisex design (size is men's standard)


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